Korean Re, a leading reinsurance company in Asia, is now aiming to be one of the top class reinsurers in the world

Welcome to Korean Re!
Korean Re is a global reinsurer that provides clients with high-quality reinsurance services and
risk management solutions as their reliable business partner.

Protecting client assets is our paramount goal. Risks are intensifying and becoming more diverse and complex, particularly amid growing
intensity and frequency of natural disasters. It is no surprise that the value of risk management through reinsurance is increasing more
than ever in this highly complicated world.

Drawing on our 58 years of expertise and experience in the reinsurance business, we make every possible effort to ensure our client
assets are best protected.

As much importantly, we are steadfastly dedicated to promoting social values and making our community stronger and more resilient,
which we believe is an integral aspect of insurance. You have our unwavering commitment that we will remain a solid supporter of
our community development.

We look forward to your continued engagement and relationship with us.

Thank you.