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제목 Korean Re’s Plogging Day

Korean Re’s Plogging Day

Korean Re organized a plogging event in January 2022 as part of its environment protection campaign. Plogging, which comes from Sweden, means picking up waste while running. The word is a combination of the Swedish phrase “plocka upp” and “jogging.” Plogging is a great activity in two ways: it helps preserve the environment and keeps ploggers healthy.

The event was participated by a group of 25 Korean Re employees including 17 young men and women who just joined the company in 2022. The Korean Re ploggers picked up litter while walking along the main streets in the Jongno District where Korean Re’s head office is located. They walked about eight kilometers for three hours while filling up their trash bags. They used biodegradable trash bags, which are compostable and designed to break down into compost. 

Korean Re strongly upholds the value of corporate contributions to the protection of the environment and society. Plogging can be a simple and easy way for Korean Re to increase its social contributions. It is also a perfect group activity for employees who want to improve their fitness and join volunteer programs.


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