Korean Re, a leading reinsurance company in Asia, is now aiming to be one of the top class reinsurers in the world

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Subject Korean Re hosted the 39th Korean Reinsurance Seminar


Korean Re hosted the 39th Korean Reinsurance Seminar 

Korean Re held the 39th Korean Reinsurance Seminar from May 8th to 12th, 2023. The annual event finally resumed after having been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. The opening ceremony was organized at the head office of Korean Re in Seoul, and a variety of the seminar program took place not only at the Seoul office but also at many other places including industrial sites over the course of five days. This year, 24 insurance professionals from 24 insurers in 17 jurisdictions attended the seminar where the latest market trends and issues were discussed. Among the countries represented were China, Japan, Hong Kong, the UK, France, Czech Republic, and Canada. 

During the seminar, Korean Re employees gave presentations on the company's underwriting techniques and major developments in the Korean insurance market, as well as an analysis of large-loss events over the recent years. Also, field trips to local industrial facilities were arranged to help participants gain a better understanding of underwriting practices that Korean Re had shared at the seminar. There were other sessions such as lectures on latest insurance market issues and a cultural program that gave participants the opportunity to enjoy and experience some of the Korean culture.

The Korean Re Seminar was launched in 1979 as a venue for information exchange and discussion on key issues in the global insurance industry. Since then, this annual event has been attended by more than 660 professionals from 60 jurisdictions across the world. It is now widely recognized among insurance market participants as one of the most prestigious reinsurance seminars in Asia.

In his welcome speech, CEO Jong-Gyu Won said, “This seminar is the first in four years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes this opportunity to see you in person all the more precious.” He also added that he hoped the seminar would provide a great opportunity to participants who were looking for a turning point in their work life or seeking to take their professional development to the next level and expand their horizons.