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Subject Korean Re Participates in Mobile Home Building Project by Habitat for Humanity Korea

Korean Re Participates in Mobile Home Building Project by Habitat for Humanity Korea


In 2023, Korean Re has continued to work with Habitat for Humanity Korea to support people in need of decent housing. A group of Korean Re volunteers recently visited Habitat School located in Cheonan, South Chungcheong Province to participate in a project aimed at providing mobile homes to the elderly living alone. Over a span of two days from June 1 – 2, they took part in the production of modular comfort mobility homes called HayHome, which will be provided to financially difficult elderly individuals living alone. HayHome is a movable wooden house developed by Habitat for Humanity Korea.

With its features of mobility and space expandability, it can be used for permanent housing. Because of its convenient mobility, it can be quickly delivered to displaced people following natural or man-made disasters. Indeed, Korean Re joined hands with Habitat for Humanity Korea to make mobile homes for the residents who lost their homes due to the East Coast wildfires in 2022.

During this year’s volunteer activity, the Korean Re volunteer team carried out tasks such as cutting wood and working on the exterior walls of the mobiles homes. One of the participating volunteers said, "I have been doing volunteer activities with Habitat for Humanity Korea for many years, but the biggest difference this time was that we were building a mobile home. I feel proud that we can provide nice homes for vulnerable elderly individuals.” 

Starting with this first round of volunteer activity, more groups of volunteers from Korean Re will participate in the mobile home building project later this year. Meanwhile, Korean Re has donated a fund of KRW 160 million to Habitat for Humanity Korea in support of the project for elderly individuals living alone.

Korean Re has been sponsoring the non-profit organization for 11 consecutive years since 2013, demonstrating its commitment to supporting vulnerable members of society in terms of housing. Except during the COVID-19 pandemic, Korean Re employees have actively participated in volunteer activities led by the organization.

CEO Jong-Gyu Won emphasized, "Everyone needs a home for a safe and happy life. Helping those who are unable to ensure even the most basic level of safety aligns with the purpose of reinsurance." He further stated, "Korean Re will continue to engage in social contribution activities, standing in solidarity with our neighbors in society."