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Subject Korean Re Participates in Home Rebuilding Project by Habitat for Humanity Korea

Korean Re Participates in Home Rebuilding Project by Habitat for Humanity Korea

A delegation of 22 volunteers including 19 new joiners from Korean Re visited Tangerang, Indonesia from April 18 to 23, 2024 to participate in a home rebuilding project in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Korea. The initiative targeted the reconstruction of homes for low-income families in Tangerang, a city on the island of Java, Indonesia.

Tangerang is known for its rural communities and vulnerability to natural disasters such as frequent river flooding. Many residents in this region are living in makeshift homes they constructed themselves, with their safety being on the line due to dire living conditions.

During the project, volunteers from Korean Re engaged in various activities including moving bricks and construction materials, mixing mortar, and applying cement plaster to the homes being rebuilt for families living in at-risk conditions. Additionally, the team conducted a house dedication ceremony, fostering engagement and interaction with the local community and homeowners.

Korean Re has consistently supported this non-profit organization, deploying volunteers to disaster-affected sites for the past 11 years. Excluding the interruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company's employees have actively participated in annual volunteer activities since 2014, beginning from Cebu, the Philippines. Over the years, these activities have included efforts in regions severely impacted by natural disasters, such as Bantayan Island in the Philippines, which was struck by Typhoon Haiyan, and Ayutthaya, Thailand, a community devastated by flooding.

CEO Jong-Gyu Won underscored the importance of housing stability, stating, "A home is the base upon which everything is built to protect those within. Supporting those in need to ensure a basic level of safety resonates deeply with the principles of reinsurance." He further said, "Korean Re will continue to lead social contribution activities and strive to enhance the living conditions of at-risk communities, thereby strengthening the resilience of our society."