Korean Re, a leading reinsurance company in Asia, is now aiming to be one of the top class reinsurers in the world

The Korean Re Reinsurance Management Seminar is an annual event for regional and global insurers and reinsurers committed to improving cooperation and partnership among participants from the insurance community. Since it was first launched in 1979, the Korean Re Seminar has served as a venue for information exchange and discussion on key issues of the insurance industry. Over the past decades, more than 500 participants from around 230 organizations have attended the seminar.

The aim of the seminar is to give each participant the chance to discuss the latest market trends and practices, as well as to encourage the development of business relationships among participating insurers and reinsurers. In addition, the seminar provides great opportunities for participants to understand and experience various aspects of the traditional Korean culture during their stay in Seoul.

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